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Entry #2

The Great Musical Adventure!

2010-12-24 16:34:10 by can-it-da

Alright! I survived final exams and to celebrate I'm going to record a song a day (starting yesterday). I'm not going to constrain myself with a specific type of music or theme. There is only one rule: songs must be at least one and a half minutes in length or the total songs submitted for that day must total to be more than a minute in length. Covers are also allowed.

It would be awesome if you guys could leave constructive advice in the comment boxes if you think some things can be improved. If anyone has any requests let me know or if you want to collaborate also drop me a line.

Once I figure out how to upload a song from the multitrack to the computer we will be golden.

Attached is the space I'm recording in and my friend's pug Garth who is chilling with me over the holidays.

With out further adieu I hope you all have a great non-denomination holiday season!

The Great Musical Adventure!


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2010-12-24 20:48:19

Merry Christmas!


2011-01-16 23:33:34

well I didn't record much music but I did play a lot and sleep so the break wasn't a total loss.